Coach Brett believes coaching should be based on sound, scientific principles. Coach Brett regularly attends continuing education clinics, graduate level exercise physiology courses, and externships; this despite the fact he already has a Masters degree in exercise science and 15 publications and presentations in peer-reviewed research journals and conferences. Triathlon is a relatively new sport and research is lagging compared to other sports (e.g. cycling, baseball, etc.) thus not every situation has answers that can be found in peer-reviewed research journals. There are an infinite number of situations that can arise in a sport like triathlon. This is where the art of coaching comes in. Petersen Performance Lab believes that the best coach uses a combination of solid scientific principles and the art of coaching to assist the athlete in reaching his or her full potential in the sport of triathlon.




After working with Brett for 2 years there are two main things that I have found to be unique when compared to other triathlon coaches. The first and most important thing is that Brett has an incredible academic background in physiology and pharmacology which translates into a solid, broad, functional, and accurate understanding of how the human body works. In addition, Brett's coaching is much more scientific and research oriented that is based on both sound academic grounding as well as on real world execution and refinement with his athletes.

Brett's ability to use his knowledge and experience with his innate ability to accurately refine his personalized training programs to meet his clients' goals translates into his athletes' unsurpassed athletic achievements.