Swim Stroke Analysis

Swim Stroke Analysis: Includes one hour of one on one instruction at the pool with coach Brett in the water to work on proper stroke technique. During the one hour session, coach Brett will videotape you from the pool deck and underwater. Any stroke deficiencies observed at that time will be addressed during this session. Following the session, the video will be analyzed using Dartfish video software and the athlete will receive a CD containing the video analysis. Fee for the swim stroke analysis, including CD       $184.

Run Gait Analysis  

Videotape analysis of your run gait to maximize running economy. This is a two session package. Session one includes video tape analysis from the front, back, and side while running. Day two includes feedback concerning the analyzed video. You will receive a CD of your running form following this analysis. The price of the gait analysis      


All Bike Power Fits Include Videotape Analysis

Videotape analysis is performed to analyze all joint angles, including measurement of angle and knee joint angles to ensure maximum power production.

Video Analysis